Sisters of the West: Presente Tincture

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Presente is a preventative tonic for immunity imbalances and to re-balance it, this tincture is used to ward off the first signs of physical discomfort brought on by a common cold. Can be dropped under the tongue or combined with water, tea or juice. Made in accordance with the lunar cycle from indigenous plants of the North American Pacific West, composed of: Blue Vervain, White Sage, Yerba Santa, extracted with an organic corn spirit.

ritual dosage: take 1-5 drops daily as spirit medicine
imbalance dosage: take 15 drops 2-3 times a day for dis-ease


*Some herbs are not recommended during pregnancy, for children, or in conjunction with a serious illness.


Sisters of the West was founded by Renée Camila and stands for relationship: between people and plants, person and place, human beings and nature, us and the stars, and each other.

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