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Alchemy Altar Candle

Alchemy Altar Candle

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The process of psychic transformation occurs in the formula Solve et Coagula, which is to say, destroy and recreate; dissolve and conjoin; break down so as to come back together. It must take place sub rosa (under the rose), or in a state of secrecy. The solve or dissolution is associated with the moon (moisture and coldness), while the coagula is associated with the sun (dryness and heat). The function of the glass bottle is to act as a vessel for creation. For medieval alchemists, glass is a mercurial substance that contains the process of transmutation. Light for personal transmutation; to alter or reverse circumstances outside the self; to improve health; to align the macrocosm with microcosm; for spiritual and psychological wholeness; for balance. “Alchemy” can be synonymous with “the Magician” card of the tarot. Made with 100% soy wax and lightly-scented in black currant, absinthe and patchouli. 

70 hour burn time | soy wax in glass pillar

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