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Rosarium Blends

Aphrodite Ritual Incense

Aphrodite Ritual Incense

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She is Venus, the morning star. In love or in lust burn this incense to open your heart and invoke the power of this goddess. This incense is to invoke her, it is her charm, to surround you and fill you with her grace in a rapturous embrace with her divinity.

Work with this Aphrodite ritual incense to invoke love, beauty, fertility, prosperity, attraction & sexual rapture into your life. One may fumigate their home with this incense with intention to increase intimacy with ones lover, burn for wild nights of sex magic, burn in rituals to attract a lover, or to charm the pants off of others..

Ingredients: Benzoin Sumatra, Rose Petals, Myrtle, Damiana, Sandalwood, Yarrow & Apple Seed

1/2-3/4 oz loose incense | Cork Lid + 43 ml Glass Jar

NOTE: Ritual Incense blends should be burned on charcoal in a fireproof incense censor

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