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Inca Aromas

Breu Resin Incense Sticks

Breu Resin Incense Sticks

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Box of 9 sticks. Each burns for approx 130 min.


7 Herbs conveys a feminine energy to purify and harmonize the environment. Formulated with seven meticulously selected herbs including myrrh, frankincense, and benzoin.

Benzoin is used to provide focus and enhance concentration, promotes generosity and stimulates imagination and inspiration. Has a woody, earthy scent with vanilla undertones.

Black styrax is used to lessen tensions and helps with trouble sleeping. Has a pleasant sweetness, reminescent of vanilla and amber.

Frankincense is used as a purifier and to boost intentions and the power of other herbs. Has a sweet, woody aroma is sedative and enhances mood by diminishing feelings of stress and anxiety while improving concentration and memory. 

Lavender's calming scent is used for stress relief, aiding in relaxation, rest and to alleviate premenstrual emotional symptoms.

Palo Santo, or "Holy Wood", is used by Amazonian shamans who believe the rising smoke clears misfortune, negative thoughts and chases away evil spirits.

Sandalwood was burned to exorcise demons and evil ghosts, conjure beneficial spirits, and used for protection and healing. Some mix with Frankincense and burn at séances and Full Moon rituals. 

White Sage was used by Native Americans to ward off evil spirits and negative energies, seek blessings of health and prosperity, and encourage protection. It's know as the plant of immortality and is used for purification, renewal of energies and well-being.

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