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Spellbound Herbals

Calm Herbal Tea

Calm Herbal Tea

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Oatstraw and Skullcap are subtle yet strong nervous system restoratives. Coupled with the highly relaxing effects of Passionflower and Lavender this tea will remedy any anxiety ridden, stressed out state. Understated notes of Chamomile, a plant renowned for its tender fierceness when battling issues of tension throughout the body, add a mild floral sweetness. Cooling Peppermint will chill out any harmful mental chatter or reconcile a hot temper. Create a daily practice to strengthen the nervous system or in a pinch to encourage a state of deep relaxation and quiet. Sip hot or add several tablespoons to a ritual bath. Ethically wildcrafted or organic ingredients
4 oz tin

Spellbound Herbals is Brittany Ducham: a community herbalist, writer, medicine maker, and brave communicator in Denver, Colorado.

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