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Calamus & Honey

Crown of Success 7 Day Candle

Crown of Success 7 Day Candle

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Crown of Success candle - This candle is used for help in achieving success and renown. It helps you be good at what you do and makes sure eyes are on you while you do it. Students, actors, artist, performers, crafts people find great success in using this candle. If you’re looking to get hired for a job, getting called back for an interview, picked for a gig as a musician or a law student trying to pass the bar this formula can help. Helps with eloquence, confidence, magnetism, that good ole “Je ne sais quoi”

Calamus and Honey's candles are anointed, blessed, and dressed with oils, herbs, and curios. 

70 hour burn time | paraffin wax in glass pillar

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