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Death Doula Oracle

Death Doula Oracle Deck

Death Doula Oracle Deck

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The Death Doula Oracle is designed to promote mystical & spiritual experiences at any stage of one's life, guiding the reader down a path of healing, self-discovery & rebirth. This deck becomes your personal doula and guide, gently aiding your spiritual unfoldment, revealing your truest self while giving you the tools to live and die with grace. Includes 56 cards, instruction book of rituals, practices, meditations & more, all aimed at getting you further in touch with your creativity, intuition, & inner tranquility. For those beginning their spiritual journey, or those who wish to maintain alignment with their innate divine spark, this deck is for you. Each card is accompanied by a thought provoking prompt and an optional exercise that promotes healing, growth, and knowledge of self. In the back of the booklet there is an additional section that approaches the conversation of mortality more directly, offering tools to those who wish to approach the topic of mortality with grace.

56 cards + booklet + box | Cards measure 3.5" x 5.75" | gilt edges

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