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Eucalyptus Ritual Candle: Flow

Eucalyptus Ritual Candle: Flow

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If you are looking for clarity and inspiration when making a decision or you need a connection with your guides, this candle can be of help as it expands the intellect; and it connects you to your more spiritual side. The sky blue candle is by pagan tradition an enormous energy cleanser and a great ally of inspiration and clarity when it comes to doing our rituals. Infused with eucalyptus essential oil, a sacred plant that is said to open minds by ridding us of doubts. It is also used to ward off household sickness, nightmares or headaches. This candle has black Mica powder, to give a bright touch to the heart of the candle, symbolizing light. 

Mineral wax + cotton wick | approx. 1/2" x 5"

NOTE: Never leave a candle alone, much less a candle like these, since the mica sputters a little, and it can burn somewhat. Always use it on non-flammable surfaces

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