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Rosarium Blends

Eye of Horus Ritual Incense

Eye of Horus Ritual Incense

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The Eye of Horus is an Ancient Egyptian symbol of protection. It is also known as the left eye of Horus, the 'Moon' eye, whereas the right eye of Horus is known as the Eye of Ra, the 'Sun' eye. This blend can be used as an offering to embody and attract prosperity, protection, and healing. It can also be used to enhance one's awareness through the senses. As to truly divine or become the all-seeing eye one must be able to attune acute awareness to each of the senses.

Ingredients: Frankincense & Myrrh, Fennel, Storax, Cinnamon, Carob, Lotus, Honey & Wine

1/2-3/4 oz loose incense | Cork Lid + 43 ml Glass Jar

NOTE: Ritual Incense blends should be burned on charcoal in a fireproof incense censor

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