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Laughing Eye Weeping Eye

Mastering 3 Card Readings Workbook

Mastering 3 Card Readings Workbook

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Forget the complex Celtic Cross and the ten-card melt your brain spreads. Three simple cards answer just about any question that roams about these lands! This zine cover two approaches to reading three-cards: intuitive + spreads. 

Intuitive: Tap into your intuition to unlock what the three-cards are saying to you. No spreads here, just some psychic badassery

Spreads: Includes spreads for most topics! You will also learn how to create your own three-card spreads.

This zine also covers other topics such as: Looking for contrast and complement in the cards 
- Working with reversals 
- Trusting your intuition 
- Finding the key card
 - Reading symbols.

Geared towards intermediate and advanced tarot readers, but all are welcome!

22 pages | Black + White

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