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Reading the Signs Tarot + Oracle Workbook

Reading the Signs Tarot + Oracle Workbook

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This fun, activity filled zine workbook helps you to intuitively connect to the symbols and signs in your cards. This workbook is for all levels and most ages (teenybopper to crone).

The zine workbook includes:
Information and ideas for working with signs, symbols and omens in cards AND life.
An oracle card from my Creatures of the Moon Oracle Deck.
Fun graphics! Pictures of gnomes will take you to a happy place.
Two in, in-depth original spreads created by Rebecca.
The highlight, or culminating spread is called the “Rubik’s Cube Spread.” Created by Rebecca, this 9-card spread takes a unique approach to reading. Like the face of a Rubik’s cube, you move the cards in two different stages, until you solve the puzzle (the answer to your question!). Genius!
Thoughtful prompts and questions that walk you through your learning process – and space to write to your hearts’ content!
Dude this zine is just FUN, lemme say that.

18 pages | Black + White

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