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Storytelling Tarot Workbook

Storytelling Tarot Workbook

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This fun, activity filled zine workbook helps you learn more about storytelling through tarot. Exploring universal story archetypes and the “story arc” used by writers, this zine workbook gives you some pretty rad tools to make your tarot readings journey to other lands!

Are you overcoming the monster? Going on a great voyage to a strange land?
Living in a comedy? Or a tragedy?!?

There’s a narrative to your life, and a narrative to the cards that echoes your adventurous world! This zine will help you rock that story biz.

The zine workbook includes:
A review of the major types of story themes
An understanding of the basics of a story line (plots, motives characters) and how this can be used in readings
An exploration of the Story Arc, and a rad spread created by Rebecca that helps you see the full story, whether reading for yourself or others
Fun graphics! Pictures of pyramids, ships, and sea-faring monsters will take you to a happy place.

18 pages | Black + White

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