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Neroli Ritual Candle: Creativity

Neroli Ritual Candle: Creativity

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One of Antevasin's Store's favorites, this candle can be used for practically everything and provides a lot of energy. For times when you want to take care of your creative energy - receiving the force of vital energy and intentionally converting or materializing it into something concrete. The orange candle is a great ally if we need to do a ritual to unlock our creative energy. It is also used to attract what we long for, since it gives us magnetism and strength. Prepared with pure Neroli essential oil, a citrus flower that provides great vitality.

Mineral wax + cotton wick | approx. 1/2" x 5"

NOTE: Never leave a candle alone, much less a candle like these, since the mica sputters a little, and it can burn somewhat. Always use it on non-flammable surfaces

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