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Papyrus Ritual Candle: Connection

Papyrus Ritual Candle: Connection

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A White Candle is a candle that goes for everything, but specifically Antevasin's is intended to smell like Papyrus to establish a connection with light. The white candle is by pagan tradition a great ally if you need to do a ritual to attract light and clarity to a confused space or mind. It can also be used to ask for something to come to someone, or to accompany the deceased to the light, or the sick to recover. The purpose of the candle is to “intend good intentions”. It is also used for full moon rituals.

Antevasin's tip for using candles to clean decks:
Run your hands over the flame of the fire. With this, we are purifying and cleaning our hands. Then take your deck of cards and gently pass it over the flame. Thus the dense energies that remain in our cards during our readings will disappear. You can also do it with amulets or your sacred tools.

Mineral wax + cotton wick | approx. 1/2" x 5"

NOTE: Never leave a candle alone, much less a candle like these, since the mica sputters a little, and it can burn somewhat. Always use it on non-flammable surfaces

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