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Sandalwood Ritual Candle: Meditation

Sandalwood Ritual Candle: Meditation

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The brown candle has its principle of use in the energy of the Earth - that's why it's used to establish rituals or altars to help us meditate, root ourselves or focus. The brown candle is by pagan tradition the one that represents the earth element, so by burning it or placing it on an altar, we are intending that our energy does not disperse, and is focused on our body. It is perfect to use it during meditations in which we seek to be more rooted and connected to the earth. It is also used to provide strength, to set limits and to help us make honest and lasting decisions “like tree trunks”.

Mineral wax + cotton wick | approx. 1/2" x 5"

NOTE: Never leave a candle alone, much less a candle like these, since the mica sputters a little, and it can burn somewhat. Always use it on non-flammable surfaces


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