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The Vacant Seat

Scorpion Roach Clip Necklace: Onyx

Scorpion Roach Clip Necklace: Onyx

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A little scorpion buddy to help you out with your extra curricular activities. Also just a cool pendant. Stone is approx 22 mm long, and comes on a 24" sterling silver chain. 

Sterling Silver + Malachite |  Handmade to order in Los Angeles

Onyx: a form of Chalcedony, Onyx increases strength, self-discipline, and focus while boosting memory retention. Onyx has a grounding influence that can absorb and transform negative energy, helps calm nervousness, quell anxiety, and condenses/cools excessive energies.
In Greek mythology, after Cupid gave the sleeping Venus a manicure with his arrow, the Parcae then turned these clippings into onyx. 
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