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Wolf Pachacuti

Wolf Pachacuti: Intention Candles

Wolf Pachacuti: Intention Candles

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Hand poured and programmed with intentions and magic, Wolf Pachacuti's beeswax intention candles are imbued with something truly special. Sent your intentions and burn until gone.   

Safe Space: Crown Chakra | Removes blockages associated with spirituality, connection and bliss.
Evolve: Clears blockages regarding time and patience | Everything is occurring in perfect timing. 
Dear One: To remove blockages hindering you from your True Love.
Voyage: Opens Opportunities | Important doors are opening.
Gut: Solar Plexus | Evokes courage to trust your instincts | Gain the confidence to explore the unknown.
Genesis: Sacral Chakra | Removes creativity and fertility blockage | Gives birth to new conditions.
Money: To attract luck and abundance | Clears blockages in career or finances to increase your money flow.

Hand poured in California using 100% Canadian beeswax. 4 oz candle burns for approx 20 hours. 

100% Canadian Beeswax + Cotton | Amber Glass Jar with Lid

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